• Strong communications

The SA Committee is made up of a diverse group of people from across the whole industry with a passion for what we do. We give our time voluntarily and draw on our collective experience in the industry to strengthen and grow our sector. We communicate all relevant issues to our members regularly.

  • Higher standards

We promote best practice among our members and aim to strengthen the links between schools, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. Our members sign up to a Code of Practice outlining ethical and fair trading and we communicate with the vast majority of schools to encourage them to actively seek our members for their supply needs.

  • Fact sheets

We have produced a series of fact sheets to help you deal with the issues in your business. These can be downloaded from our site. Examples are…. advice on getting local media coverage, updates on the volatile raw materials prices, trade marking logos and several more.

  • Media support

We can offer advice and guidance when dealing with the press. Members have gained useful coverage for their own businesses as a result of our guidance.

  • Positive media

We have our own PR service which monitors stories in the press and actively seeks to gain positive press for our sector particularly at the “back to school” period when the media is very active.

  • Lobbying

We are in active discussion with a wide range of organisations including Government Agencies, the Office of Fair Trading, National Governors Association, various teacher and parent organisations and many more. We have actively campaigned to have VAT reduced to 5% on upper badged school uniform and vigorously entered the debate when it looked likely that all children’s clothing would become liable for VAT with a strong letter to the Chancellor and representation on the TV debate on the issue.

  • Events

We meet regularly to develop The Association, grow its membership and therefore its sphere of influence. We also hold our own event at The Schoolwear Show for a little social time together and to raise much needed funding.

  • Advice

We seek to share experiences with each other and encourage our members to offer each other practical advice and information on diverse issues. Similarly we have many schools approaching us to check if potential suppliers are members of The Association. We also run an annual survey to make sure that we cover the issues that you need us to focus on.

  • Branding

Our members are able to benefit from our strong branding which is gathering awareness. You are able to proudly display the SA logo on your letterheads, shop fascia, website and company literature. As a result of our increasing communication directly with schools the logo is now recognised by Heads, Governors and decision makers in schools as a mark of integrity and professionalism.