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Message from the new Chairman


New Chair & Vice – New Ideas


Dear SA Member

At the AGM in April myself and Chris Campbell were elected to be SA Chair & Vice for the next two years. We have lots of new ideas to make a real difference, but also recognise that the SA has done so many good things already, we also need to keep building on them. I hope you’ll appreciate some of the changes that are planned and the tremendous work already done.



The SA now has Trudy Bryan as Executive PA to ensure that communication with Members and within the Executive is much more effective, efficient and regular. You will be receiving a monthly update from Trudy, explaining what’s been done and what’s going to be done. You will be able to communicate directly with her on


Political Affairs

The Team are being strengthened and will be following up on the meeting, earlier this year, with the DfE. Now the Election is over, we know that Nicky Morgan remains as Education Minister and that David Laws job has been merged into Nick Gibb’s role. It is hoped to be able to meet with the DfE as soon as we have the results of the independent Price Research, asked for by the DfE and currently in process. The DFE will be carrying out a review of the Uniform Guidelines during the coming months and so it is critical that we are really on the money, literally! We are also looking to develop Lobbying activity through the Fashion & Textile APPG in Westminster.


PR & Research

As already mentioned, a Key Action which we have already started, is the independent research to establish definitive prices for Primary and Secondary Uniform. We need this to give the DfE as reference material to help them make better decisions and to use with the media to continue the argument about how much it actually costs, instead of the ridiculous figures they often quote. We have successfully argued with people like the LGA and are always looking to educate as many official bodies as possible. The SA is often accused of being too reactive, but we have always tried to be proactive, it’s just the media have other agendas. We have seen a marked reduction in attacks on our market, which we put down to the amount of PR and information submitted and the number of meetings the SA has attended to argue our case.



Independent Research costs a lot of money and we need more of both! The SA Executive will continue to look for ways to raise extra funds, but in the end we need your support. Look out for the various initiatives during the coming months.



There will be an SA Coffee Lounge at The Schoolwear Show in October. Please make sure you take advantage of the facility. There will also be another SA Bash on the Sunday evening. Again, look out for the details, they’ll be hard to miss! Visit the Show, support the SA and have a great evening, amongst friends.


SA Meeting

There will be an extra SA Executive Meeting, in Manchester on Tuesday 28th July. You’ll be getting more information about it, so make a note in your diary now! It’s a great opportunity to meet the SA Executive, all of whom give their time and costs for free, plus you’ll have special guests to learn from during the meeting.


Survey Monkey

Thanks to everyone who responded to the SA Survey. There were many comments, apart from the tick boxes. You can be assured that we take them on board. One of the main complaints was lack of communication; hopefully you can see that we’re trying to make that much better. Others will be addressed as we progress through the year. Rest assured the Suppliers, Retailers and Agents, who serve on the Executive really want to make a positive difference for the benefit of everyone trading in our market. It’s not possible to exclude to suit certain parts, we all have to raise our game, invest in our businesses and compete vigorously.


The Executive

We’ll cover the various Teams in our next communication, but the people below continue to give our market their precious time and experience and deserve your support. If you are interested in coming to a meeting, or getting involved in some way or other, just contact Trudy.


David Burgess


Chris Whitby
Dan Turner
Daran Brown
David Burgess
Gill Phipps

Howard Wilder
Kuljeet Dulkoan
Linda Painter
Marie Bradburn
Marie Conroy
Mario Valentino
Matthew Easter
Mike Brumfitt
Philip Linz

There has never been a more important time to be a Member of the SA.


David H Burgess                     Christine Campbell

Chairman                                  Vice Chair

TWITTER : @SASchoolwear



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