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Update re DfE statutory Uniform Guidelines


School Uniform Developments

We are writing to all prospective members of the Schoolwear Association to update you on some of the work that we have been undertaking on behalf of the industry. If you are already a member and inadvertently receiving this email we apologise – you will already have this information but we are sure that you will understand our need to spread our message more widely and encourage new membership.

If you are a non-member you will not have had access to this information before. You will not have been able to directly benefit from the work and communications we have with important bodies within Government and Education. After 10 years as an Association we continue to meet them regularly, gain credibility and communicate important issues back to our group.

You may not be aware that The Dept for Education (DfE) Guidelines are becoming Statutory and this, potentially, will dramatically alter the way that School Uniform is delivered through the supply chain. These changes are expected to take place later in 2017.

Your business may not directly deal with Schools or Parents, but if you’re involved in any part of the market you need to make sure that these changes become positive for you. The SA can help you and you can email us on to find out how.

Part of the changes will necessitate schools to undertake more tendering and we are working on a School Uniform Tender Template, along with a set of SA Uniform Guidelines for schools. These will be available to members shortly, as both a digital copy with downloadable links, which will be emailed to all schools on our database, and a hard copy for our members to use with their schools. We are finding that more and more schools are coming to us for advice and information as the changes are becoming more apparent. Of course we try to help them and direct them to our members.

As more schools will be required to set up a tender process and frequently participate in shared supply it will become even more important that you have this information and are part of an organisation which represents you at the highest levels.

You can join the Schoolwear Association TODAY, just email to get all the information you need.

In addition you may not be aware of the discussions that we have been having with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) who have been looking at how our industry works. They have asked us to circulate these short videos about the main points of competition, hopefully making everyone think more deeply about Competition Law and their own responsibilities.

We feel that these should be sent to everyone in the industry (our members have them already) so we recommend that you watch them, follow the links to the CMA website and ensure that you understand the fundamentals of Competition Law.

The SA anticipates that schools following the new statutory guidelines will be more likely to dictate full control over who supplies the uniform to their parents. We believe that schools will increasingly Trademark their badges as a part of the tender process.

The CMA have said they will monitor the progress of the DfE Statutory Uniform Guidelines to make sure that our industry complies with Competition Law. It is important that we all learn more about the work of the CMA and ensure compliance with all the aspects required of us.


We have sent you this information as a “taster” of some of the help that we offer our members. We hope that you have found it useful! Of course we need more members and we hope that you will join us. The Executive work as volunteers, giving their time freely for the benefit of the whole market, but we do have costs. We have comprehensive plans for publicity over the summer months as the press goes into overdrive about school uniform. More information and publications are planned for release over the next few months as we enter the back to school period – for both our members, and the schools that they serve.

As a member you will also have access to the members section of our website. It is ten years since we launched the SA and our collective work and experience is on there for the benefit of the members. By joining us you will be helping yourself as well as the market.

Thanks for reading through this email. We hope our work profits our whole market and if you would like to join us, make a comment, or ask a question, then please contact Trudy Bryan by emailing 

We think that there are great advantages to having all this information at your fingertips rather than having to react after the event. We would like to welcome you to our association.

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